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Gallstone Foods

Written By: admin - Feb• 10•12

No matter how long it's been since our first unforgettable candy experience, there's only thing that matters now. Those candies are back. Those retro sweets are making their way to us again with perhaps tenfold the flavor, fun and satisfaction. Whyc Because we yearned for them for so long and now that they're actually here, we just love them more. Yes, those Fried Eggs, Friendship Rings, Jelly Bean Love Hearts, Jelly Cherry Lips, Kola Kubes, Love Hearts, Hearts Dip, Parma Violets, Scented Satins, Space Dust, Strawberry & Cream Lollies and the rest of them are finally among us all over.

Remember those toffees, gums, jelly beans, licorice and sherbetsc They'll be pretty much a part of lives again, if not for our own cravings, then probably for our children's. Years since childhood, we've probably even changed our views about these old-fashioned sweets and maybe there's enough reason to. With more health studies related to food, we just may find some interesting connections. For example, did you know sherbets, though not necessarily the candies, are actually helpful in treating gallstonesc When combined with a specially designed diet for patients with gallstones, these fruity deserts have been found to promote wellness.
How great it must be to simply rely on those sherbet-based traditional sweets but in this case, we mean sherbets freshly made from fruits. But even when they come fresh, they don't necessarily create significant results unless taken with the right food regimen. Part of a gallstone diet will definitely include restriction of fat and cholesterol because these are the main causes of the condition. Carbohydrates are allowed but it's important to know which ones are good and which aren't. Cereals, rice and other whole grains are recommended while anything enriched such as white bread should be avoided.

Protein will still remain to be an important dietary requirement even for someone with gallstones. However, the protein source of choice will definitely matter. Chicken, pork and beef may be allowed but definitely without the fat no matter how tempting. This also means making wise choices in the ways to cook the meat. Fried won't do, but steamed or grilled will.
Fruits and vegetables are highly recommended but will usually work best when eaten raw. This way, they remain rich in water soluble fiber which works to flush out toxins from the body. One may get uncomfortable at first when trips to the toilet start becoming more and more frequent. However, it will be easy to adjust when things normalize.

A person with gallstones may have to forgo of that passion for whole milk and settle for fat free instead. Whole cheese should also be avoided. Any other drinks will do as long as one still gets to drink more water than anything else. And as for deserts, sherbets are king. Non-fat yogurts are also great as any fruit juice. Even if sherbet traditional sweets may not find their way in this diet, sherbet desserts always will.

Long years since our Sour Pips, Space Dust Strawberry, Spearmint Pips, Strawberry Flyers and and those other sherbet candies, we still long for them but with a healthier perspective. While our kids can enjoy them as sherbet sweets, we can always start looking for recipes and make ourselves those fresh and refreshing fruity desserts with or without gallstones.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What foods make gallstones hurt more?
    I had an ultrasound yesterday searching for an ovarian cyst (didn't find one) BUT they found about 20 gallstones in my gallbladder.

    The lady said different foods can make it hurt worse.
    I'm getting my gallbladder out next week but I'm wondering how I can prevent anymore pain.

    Help? (I've already been taking meds for pain but I would like to prevent it) What foods should I stay away from?
    I'm only 17 :(
    The doc says that's unusual

    • ANSWER:
      Any food with fat. Bile is released from the GB to digest fats and that is what triggers the pain. Also, sleep on your left side to prevent the stones from rolling into the bile duct.

    Unable to keep food down due to possible gallstone blockage?
    I am having an ultrasound tomorrow to determine if I have gallstones or a blockage in my gallbladder. The problem is that I am unable to keep ANY food down. I am starving and feel very weak. I need some suggestions for foods that I can eat until I have been properly diagnosed and treated. Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Try to eat bland foods that are easy to digest. Things like plain toast, saltine crackers, chicken broth, fruit juice, apple sauce, plain boiled rice, and bananas are good. Also make sure you are drinking enough fluids, especially water.

      Best of luck to you, and I hope you feel better soon!

    Gallstone surgery? Should I be worried? What foods can I eat?
    I was diagnosed with gallstones almost a week ago this coming Thursday. It took them 2 weeks to get the results... Ahh lovely doctors. I am worried, first there is a chance that I am pregnant, I am over 2 weeks late and I have taken 2 tests and they came up negative, but my friend told to not put the thought of me being pregnant until I take one at the doctors office. She took 7 home pregnancy test and a few were negative when she was pregnant with her youngest child Conner. My worries are not comming out of the surgery alive, not recovering well, I don't heal very well. When I had my wisdom teeth taken out I had 2 weeks off work, and for my tonsils getting taken out, I had 3 weeks off of work. I wouldn't hardly talk for a week. And another Question I had was are they going to make me take out my jewerly again?(i.e. my earings, my tongue peircing, if I got it done bf the surgery)

    • ANSWER:
      speaking from need to tell them of the POSSABILITY of being pregnant. they will take measures to see if you are or arent. the surgery wasnt really THAT bad...i was hella sore for about 6 or 7 weeks. it was 3 tiny holes in my in the belly button, one at the base of the sternum and one off to the side of my belly. and yes they will make you take your tongue ring out because they have to put you under general ansethesia which involves putting a tube down your throat for you to breathe. as for foods to eat, they put you on a bland diet the first few days, and after that its pretty much whatever you can tolerate...NO heavy lifting of ANY kind for at least 2 you get outta doing a bunch of stuff lol....


    Why do individuals with gallstones experience problems digesting certain foods?
    I just need some help answering the question above (Why do individuals with gallstones experience problems digesting certain foods)?

    Also, if you know the answer to this question, could you please help with this one too (i'm not really knowledgeable in this area):

    Why might individuals with an obstructed bile duct develop jaundice?


    • ANSWER:
      Bile is stored and concentrated in the gall bladder after being made by the liver. Bile is used to break down fats.

      Because fat cannot be dissolved in water, a special system has evolved for its digestion and its absorption through the intestinal wall. Bile is an essential factor in this, since it contains substances that allow fats to be emulsified. It also stimulates the secretion of an enzyme concerned with the breakdown of fats.

      Bile is secreted by the liver and stored in the gallbladder until needed. When fat is eaten, this stimulates the gallbladder to contract and bile flows down the cystic duct, into the common bile duct and through the ampulla of Vater into the intestine.

      As well as acting as a storage vessel, the gallbladder concentrates the bile within it by removing water through its wall. Thus, if the gallbladder is removed, although bile still flows into the intestine from the liver, fat digestion may be less efficient because the bile is not concentrated.

      Obstructed bile duct question:

      If the common bile duct is blocked, this then obstructs the whole of the biliary drainage system as opposed to a blockage further up. Hence there is nowhere for the bile to go but up and the patient becomes jaundiced since certain waste products (bilirubin) are absorbed back into the blood stream. Furthermore there can be potentially fatal complications of infection of the biliary tree (cholangitis) and acute pancreatitis.

    What Juices and foods are best for Gallstones?
    So. I have Gallstones which suck. And have been on websites to see the types of foods I can eat(which is very limited) My question is what Foods/ meals am I supposed to stay away from when shopping at a market. What Nutrition Facts Do I look for or stay away from...

    • ANSWER:
      my first concern is... do you have an appointment to have them removed.

      secondly I have had some, while I was pregnant... and when I had , what I called 'attacks' about once a week....they lasted for hours, with no relief! It was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life.... and I have given birth to 5 children!!! they removed my gallblatter 2 weeks after I had the baby...

      I heard radish juice can help disolve them.. I dont know about that, I dont even know what raddish juice is :)

      My doc just told me to stay away from fatty and greasy foods.

    Where can I can find list of foods for People with Gallstones?
    My mom has Gallstones, we've decided not to get Surgery & just change her diet for ever. We want to know what foods are Really good for her to be eating & what foods we should say away from. Is there a good website out there? or book even? Thank you very much!

    • ANSWER:

    what food can a person with gallstone eat?
    my daughter has gallstone and she's eating the wrong food. what type of food can she eat to change her diet?

    • ANSWER:
      Take your daughter to a TCM practitioner: and I've had gallstone issues resolved with herbs and acupuncture.
      For now, avoid ANY of the following: fats, oils, fried foods, chips, all dairy, eggs, meats, and processed food products as they are taxing on the Liver and Gallbladder. This style of diet will help immeasurably during the phase of treatment and can be discontinued or followed in fraction to avoid redevelopment.

      My diet consisted of lemon juice, grapefruit, oranges, rye flakes, mung beans, adzuki beans, green lentils, white rice, baked white fish, seaweeds, *plenty* of vegetables of all kinds *except tomatoes* and above all: small portions at three set meal times. It will be difficult to transition but some body's just come to failure sooner than others when consuming modern treats like pasteurized dairy, pizza, icecream, steaks, hamburgers, fried chicken, chips, etc.

      Be careful with vinegar as it is Heating/Drying to the Liver/Gallbladder and a fitting analogy for it would be if you were trying to move large rocks down a river you would *not* decrease the water flow and sun-bake the soil that the rocks are stuck in; this is analogous to what continuous vinegar use would do to the tissue of the organs related to the proximity of the gallstones. Lemon juice would be best if you don't wish to hassle with finding out how much is "too much".

      Radish and daikon are also exceptional tools in dealing with gallstones. Several spoons of grated radish/daikon between meals(well-chewed should do it, too) is indicated in the book I have listed as the source . Plenty of recipes in there, too, to make things easier for your daughter.

    What are the best foods to eat if you have gallstones ?
    Also what are the worse foods to eat if you have gallstones ?

    • ANSWER:
      1.If excessive accumulation of heat in Ur body is reduced, gall stones shall get dissolved automatically just like ice cubes.
      2. Acupressure techniques & homeopathy also can help U with more accuracy to soothe down Ur symptoms.
      Here is a way out.

      How to remove excess heat from the body?
      A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans, and seeds provides thousands of micronutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that can help protect against cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease, gall stones, among other conditions, experts say.
      Herbal remedy for excess heat----i tsp of black peppers + 8 tsp of crystal sugar/misri grind it and keep the powder in a glass bottle. take one tsp powder + 2 glasses of plain water in an empty stomach and do not take anything for 30 minutes. one can get cure in 10 days.

      1. Acupressure Techniques—NO MEDICATION. NO SIDE EFFECTS. NO HOSPITALIZATION. NO COSTS. IT IS SAFE ALSO. U can, not only diagnose any disease instantaneously, but, also prevent/treat any disease& or the affected organ[s] with the aid of natural remedies.
      With ur thumb, press Ur/his/her palms and soles, wrists and ankles on both sides. Suppose pain is felt while pressing a particular point in the palm/sole, u have to press the surrounding area—just like u r pumping out air from that painful point. The blocked energy in any internal organ, be it lungs, heart, stomach, kidneys, pancreas, liver, etc., shall be released along with toxins if any. As a last point u must press middle part of each palm/sole; so that toxins, if any, shall be excreted/purged through urine without affecting the kidneys.
      It should be done in an empty stomach or 2 hours after meals. If U r completely tired, take complete bed rest for 2 hours and then do it. With this, all the endocrine glands and their hormonal secretions shall be regulated. All internal organs shall function up to optimal levels. Ur entire immune sytem gets invigorated to produce antibodies.
      •PS. If satisfied/benefited with, inform others to browse ‘Yahoo Answers’ on any health issue.

      'Health In Ur Hands' by Dr.Devendra Vora,D.Sc.,M.D.,F.R.C.P., an octogenarian & the pioneer in Acupressure in India.

    What foods are okay to eat if you are waiting to have your gallbladder removed?
    Also, what foods to eat to prevent another gallstone attack in the meantime? Please help, - thanks :-)

    • ANSWER:
      I'm sure your dr. told you to stick to a low-fat/no-fat diet..which means, about the only thing you can eat would be a small amount of fruit, popsicles, jello, crackers, toast (w/ minimal butter as the only topping). Basically anything that isn't greasy or fried (as well as the known fatty foods). I had my gallbladder taken out back in june of this's not fun being on a brat diet so to speak, but I tell you this, if you've gained some weight that you wanna loose, this is your opportunity!!! Good luck w/ the surgery! (vicodin will be your friend for the first couple of days----trust me!)

    What foods to avoid if I have gallstones and a fatty liver?
    I'm a 25 year old male and I have multiple calculi in my gall bladder(i.e. gallstones, largest of 6.5mm) and a fatty liver of grade 1, what foods should I avoid because I am getting medicinal treatment only and my doctor didn't specify much.

    • ANSWER:
      avoid fatty food, alcohol. get milk thistle and sam e to heal liver

    my dad just had his gallstone removed, what food do you suggest he should eat?
    he had the open surgery since the gallstone was too big to take it out, therefore its a big cut on his body. many of his relatives and friends said he should avoid fatty food, red meat (they said it will have skin rash), beans (soya beans, mung beans etc.). what do you suggest?

    • ANSWER:
      He can eat anything he wants. I had mine out two years ago, and it's no problem. I have never gotten a rash from eating red meat, that's ridiculous! Also, I eat a lot of beans of every type. Beans are an excellent source of protein and fiber, and low fat!. We should ALL avoid a high fat diet, but if your dad eats a hamburger once in awhile, he won't be bothered at all. I suggest he speak to a dietitian, or his doctor, and stop listening to old wives tales.

      His incision has nothing to do with his diet. It will heal normally no matter what he eats, as long as he keeps it clean and dry. Neosporin ointment on it every day will help it heal faster and reduce the scarring.

    What foods are acceptable to eat when you have Gallstones?
    My wife just found out she has Gallstones. She's currently 5 months pregnant and has to drastically change her diet. What I want to know is what foods would be highly recommended for someone who just loves fast food. Please take in mind that she is not overweight. Any response would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      The key is to avoid fatty foods.

      Normally, what happens is that the gallbladder stores bile which is used in digestion of fats. When you eat a fatty meal, the gallbladder is signaled to contract and squirt all of that bile into the intestine which helps dissolve the fats and make them more easily absorbed.

      When you have stones in your gallbladder, however, things get to be more painful. When you eat a fatty meal, the gallbaldder contracts as normal but this forces the stones into the gallbladder duct - this obstruction causes the pain and nausea.

      So, the trick is to keep the gallbladder from contracting which means no fats.

      Often when this condition is diagnosed in pregnancy, plans are laid for the gallbladder to be removed after delivery - you might ask about this.

      Good luck!

    How to dissolving gallstone in natural way?
    I do not know what my gallstone size is, but it was big enough made me sick for nearly week one year ago and sometimes it hurts everytime I eat wrong foods such as ice cream and fried foods. Now I eat organic foods only and it doesn't trigger gallstone at all.

    Note: I do not want do anything with drugs and surgery.

    It would great if you can answer my questions. I want to continue weight loss without making gallstone worse.

    • ANSWER:
      I will look into a homeopathic treatment for gall stones.

      In the meantime, there is a product that you can take that is for both the liver and gall bladder. It will dissolve the gallstones. But the underlying factor is . . Why are you getting them? If you are interested, you should try Iridology to see what the real problem is. All you do is send an email with digital photo of your eyes and they can determine what the problem is.

    If you have gallstones, what foods should you avoid to prevent pain in gallbladder?

    I'm not over weight

    • ANSWER:
      Avoid fatty or fried foods and red meat. On salads, substitute commercial dressings with vinegar - and olive oil - a 'good' fat.

      Instead of large meals, eat small amounts of food during the day, and especially avoid any large meals at bedtime.

      Avoid carbonated drinks, which can trigger the movement of the stones causing even more pain.

    What foods should I avoid eating with gallstones?
    I really want to avoid getting surgery. Should I just place myself on a special diet, or will that not work and I'll still have inflammations? I know that I eat really bad right now and that's the biggest reason I got them....I am starting a very low fat, healthy diet to combat it, but I want wondering what SPECIFIC foods I should avoid. I've already chatted with the doc and just want some personal experience and recommendations.

    • ANSWER:
      Low fat, and no spicey foods.

    what kind of foods do i need to eat for gallbladder problems?
    so i have a gallstone and need to start a new diet so i dont have another attack...what kinds of foods are good for me to eat without starving myself to death..i already know i need to stay away from fried foods..what else do i need to stay away from and what can i enjoy? any recipe ideas? please help im scared to eat anything....

    • ANSWER:
      Anything with a lot of fat content is a no-no.

    What foods should one should eat with Gallstones?
    Anyone know of any good foods and receipes for someone with gallstones?

    • ANSWER:
      vegetables and fruits, stay away from greasy foods and acidy drinks.

    What are some good Foods to eat if you have Gallstones?
    The Doctor said to eat foods that will not cause your Gallbladder to squeeze out bile, & we have a brief list here. But I want to see what else there is.

    thank you very much!

    • ANSWER:
      Ugh, god. I had gallstones! Mine were absolutely DEBILITATING. Pain that I never knew existed, have you experienced this? I would get attacks randomly, but it's most often linked to fatty foods. Stay away from ANYTHING with fat. You could eat it for months, but you'll have an attack again at some point. My last attack was a year and a half ago after I ate some vinaigrette dressing! That time is lasted for 5 days and I ended up going to the emergency room for like the 4th time, this time the doctors decided I had very bad stones and they needed to remove my gall bladder, it was going to burst.
      So, if you're not having the gallbladder removed, stay away from anything fatty. Not just burgers and fries, but things that are slightly higher in fat. than normal. Stick with more natural foods. Breads, veggies and fruits, chicken, fish, unfortunately the diet is limiting if you want to avoid a future attack. I would just suggest getting it removed next time you get the pain, I'm now back to a normal diet without worrying about waking up in the middle of the night, but that's up to you!!

    What foods should I avoid if I have gallstones?
    When I originally found out they gave me a huge list of foods to avoid but I don't remember them all and I've been having more flare up's lately. Any links to good information would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      You basically want to avoid foods high in fat. The gall bladder contracts to secrete bile in response to fat in the GI tract which will worsen gallstone symptoms.

    What foods are safe to eat when you have gallstones?
    I wont be able to have my surgery for another couple of months so i'm wondering what I can safely eat without having to go to the hospital. I like foods with a lot of flavor so anything anyone could recommend me without much salt but lots of flavor would be awesome.

    • ANSWER:
      Fats and proteins tend to exacerbate the problem.
      Good news? You won't need surgery if you see a professional Homeopath, TCM practitioner or Naturopath. This is 100% correctable through holistic means.

    Can someone tell me where I can find an itemized list of safe foods to eat for gallstones?
    I am having my gallbladder removed next month, in the meantime I need to eat bland foods no spicy, fatty etc, but I would like to know if I can eat pasta and tomato sauce.


    • ANSWER:

    How cam I prevent a gallstone attack?
    I was diagnosed with gallstones about three months ago. Since then I have followed the fat free diet cutting out all junk and changing butter to a low fat spread and skimmed milk etc. Last night however I had another attack. I hadn't eaten anything fatty all fay. If I limited what I eat further would this assist in preventing another attack? I mean limit intake as well as foods eaten.

    • ANSWER:
      no-one knows what the gall bladder pain is like until they experience it and it is the worst pain anyone can ever have. I have had gallstones for over 30 years and the last attack for 29 years ago, When you do have an attack only eat light foods like thin soups, I was told that to have no dairy products not even skimmed milk or low fat spread but I do eat them and I eat red meat but have to be careful, the main problem I have is spicy foods and milk, I take skimmed milk in my tea and at weekends I have the fried breakfast, the doctor would have given you a menu of what you can eat, the same as people with heart problems - chicken fish, oatcakes. You will find that there is one thing that causes the attack and as I said it is spicy food or too much milk, I used peptobismal antacid to help with the pain, ask your doctor about the pills you can get that may dissolve the stones or lithotripsy that blasts them to pieces and you pass them when you pee. Good Luck

    What foods are safe to eat with gallstones?
    Hey there.

    I had my first attack when I was 7 months pregnant they kept dismissing it as Braxton Hicks. Anyway, I have surgery on the 21st of this month, but I'm SO paranoid to eat and get an attack... help? people with experience id like to know what you could eat?

    • ANSWER:
      The only thing you can really do is eat less fat, and even that's not a sure fire way.

    What are some foods to stay away from when a person has gallstones?
    Please give me some advice what to eat and what not to eat for possible gallstones?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, stay away from fatty fried foods.

      Drink a lot of water.

    What foods are good to eat to avoid a gallbladder attack?
    I currently have gallstones and am waiting for surgery. I need to know what foods can I eat that WON'T cause an attack and also when having a attack, what are some home remedies that help ease the pain? Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:

    I am breastfeeding and have just been told I have gallstones. How and what foods can I eat to be healthy?
    i want to make sure i eat healthy to keep up a nice healthy breastmilk supply? I know not to eat anything fatty. i have looked on the net and some sites tell you just to eat soup! EEEEK I cant possible do this and give my daughter her supply she needs PLEASE HELP

    • ANSWER:
      Obviously low fat diet is the way to go....BUT even eating smaller amounts is good too, as sometimes eating big meals (even healthy ones) can trigger an attack.
      So up your protein with lean meats, chicken, seafood & tinned tuna...fruit and vegies....salad sandwiches, avocado, beans, legumes etc.
      You do not have to eat alot to make milk, just a nutritious diet.....good luck!

    What are some good foods to eat while you are suffering from gallstones?
    My doctor said to avoid fatty & greasy foods.

    • ANSWER:
      Fruit and fibre - vegatables, cereals etc. Lean meat - fish, chicken. Light dairy products such as skimmed milk or low fat curd cheese.

      Not ice cream, cream, hard and soft cheeses, fatty meat, meat-products like burgers and sausages, chocolate - in fact all the things that taste good!

    Do you know anyone that tried to manage gallstone before without going through the surgery of removing it?
    I have gallstone,but I've read that some people removed their gallbladders and they still continue to have pain when eating certain food.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, my dad had gallstones about a year ago. He would have extreme pains once in a while but he couldn't take it anymore and he had it removed.

    What food should i be eating with suspected gallstones?
    I'm going to the doctors tomorrow to get it checked out, but all my symptoms match to gallstones. What food should i be eating? Bear in mind that fatty foods cause me so much pain :(

    • ANSWER:
      Very, very bland and simple food. I know it sounds disgusting and not so appealing, but anything to spare yourself from that pain, right? Just try eating soft, non fatty foods until you see your doctor, and then see what your doctor says.

      Hope you feel better!

    natural remedy to rid of gallstones that work over time?
    i dont want to flush them out, i am breastfeeding and do not need a shock to my system... since i have no gallbladder pain at the momment are there dietary changes that can slowly eradicate my gallstones. foods or herbs i can incorporate into my diet.

    • ANSWER:
      Lots of apple juice. The malic acid in the juice softens the stones. Add olive oil to your diet. Two tablespoons a day. If you can't take it straight, add to a salad at dinner. These two things together are the safest way since you are breastfeeding.

    what are the foods that must be avoided when you have a gall stone?
    what are some natural remedies for gallstone for it to be flush from our body?

    • ANSWER:

    How to lower high Ferritin and High Cortisol, including Gallstone & Fatty liver?
    is there's any medicine OTC or best foods or supplement that can i take? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      no otc available, it is a multiple problem situation, help of an internist and his opinion like gastroenterology and hematology consultation are suggested

    Does gallstone pain typically get worse in the evenings?
    I found out two weeks ago that I have gallstones and I am still having a hard time keeping food down, at least without a great amount of nausea and pain. However, I have noticed that even on days I *don't* eat, the pain is still considerably worse as the day progresses than it is when I first get up. Is this normal or could it possibly be from something else?

    • ANSWER:
      It is for all time, aggravated by taking oily stuff

    Does drinking beer agravate gallstone attacks the way fatty food does?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it does. Particularly in women. And both things (alcohol and gallstones) contribute to higher incidences of pancreatitis. Which is a nasty, painful, and awful thing to have.

    Can you give a list of food I can eat and cannot eat I had a gallstone infection I am fraid to eat the worng f
    I just got out of the hospital with a gallstone infection I just want a list of food's I can not eat and can eat thank you for your help.

    • ANSWER:
      Is it a gallstone you had? or did you have a gallbladder infection? Well you should stay away from fried/ fatty foods as this can result in triggering the pain. Try bland foods to start and advance your diet as tolerated. See how you do with toast, rice, chicken baked or broiled (skinless). If you start to notice pain again notify your doctor.

    Gallstone diet: How much fat can I eat per day?
    I am on a strict diet for my gallstone.
    My doctor told me to eat low fat for everything but not sure how much I can take per day.
    Is there any pages show how many grams I can take per day?
    I am eating low fat food but still get about 40 to 50 grams of fat...
    Sorry I forgot to mention that I am 8mo. pregnant now.

    • ANSWER:

    Can you get gallstones from fatty foods? ?
    How do you get gallstones, someone told me you can get gallstones from eating too much greasy foods, Is that true? If not how do get them?

    • ANSWER:
      Gallstones may be caused by a combination of factors, including inherited body chemistry, body weight, gallbladder motility (movement), and perhaps diet.

      Cholesterol gallstones develop when bile contains too much cholesterol and not enough bile salts. Two other factors seem to be important in causing gallstones. The first is how often and how well the gallbladder contracts; incomplete and infrequent emptying of the gallbladder may cause the bile to become over-concentrated and contribute to gallstone formation. The second factor is the presence of proteins in the liver and bile that either promote or inhibit cholesterol crystallization into gallstones.

      Other factors also seem to play a role in causing gallstones, but just how these contribute is not clear. Obesity has been shown to be a major risk factor for gallstones. A large clinical study showed that being even moderately overweight increases one's risk for developing gallstones. This is probably because obesity tends to cause excess cholesterol in bile, low bile salts, and decreased gallbladder emptying. Very low calorie, rapid weight-loss diets, and prolonged fasting seem also to cause gallstone formation.

    I have gallstones, and suffer from gallbladder attacks, but I don't get attacks after eating greasy foods?
    I read, that greasy foods trigger attacks, but I have had a slice of pizza or two and not had an attack. I do drink a lot of water now, but I haven't read anything scientific saying that helps... does that mean if I don't eat greasy food often I can once and a while and won't have an attack?

    • ANSWER:
      when i had gallbladder attacks frequently bout 2 yrs ago i started eating healthy. but i still got attacks if there bad enough that means they need to be removed. so despite if your drinking water and eating less greasy foods doesn't mean they will be gone as long gallstones are still there best o get them removed.

    Foods to eat before gallbladder(gallstones) removal...??
    I am haven gallbladder problems and my doctor told me to get blain foods... but all i can think of is... Oatmeal, scrabbled eggs, nutrient bars... but it has been 2 days of just blain foods and i have to continue this for another week so what other foods can i eat....?? i'm getting sick of oatmeal and eggs... please give me some advice on other foods...

    • ANSWER:
      I have the same problem. I'm having my gall bladder taken out anyway... regardless if the attacks go away. My doctor told me don't eat anything greasy. After surgery I'd be on a bland diet, but don't eat anything high in fat, cholesterol and grease for right now. She told me lots of fruits and vegetables. I haven't eaten fatty, greasy, high cholesterol products in about 5 months. I have always eaten fruits and vegetables, fish, etc.. My problem started 2 months ago.

      Eggs are very high in fat and cholesterol. They should not be considered in your diet. Boneless skinless chicken breast, fish (not fried), lots of fruits and vegetables should be fine. If you're not sure, ask your doctor. They probably have a list of "what to eat and what not to eat foods".

    Gallstones, specific foods I can/can't eat?
    I found out I have Gallstones and I wanna know what I can/can't eat before the surgery. Certain foods actually.

    In IHOP in the back of the IHOP menu there is something called two for two for two. It's suppose to be low on fat and all, could I eat that? It comes with turkey bacon, substitute eggs and pancakes. Can I even it pancakes?

    Also, can I eat a turkey sandwich? Can I eat white bread? Chicken? Cheese? Sun Chips? Steak? Beans? Rice?

    I specifically want these answers because this is whats actually in my kitchen and I'm going to IHOP tommorow. Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      Plain pancakes without toppings contain a lot of fat (oil and/or butter in the batter).

      Avoid cheese, whole milk, ice cream, anything fried (chicken, fries, potato chips), fatty meats, muffins, anything with a lot of fat.

    have you any idea to get rid from gallstone and what food should eat in it?
    because i have agall stone of 11.6mm

    • ANSWER:
      You know what I just realized? I had my gall bladder removed some 10 years ago. My life's been changed forever. You don't want to know how. Let's just say I don't digest things the way I used to. The doctor told me I wouldn't see any change. That was BS in my case.
      So, I just read this Chinese doctor thing and laughed at how gullible people are. Then I thought to myself. If I had a choice and the stones weren't causing me a lot of trouble. I'd try anything before having the surgery. I literally don't make it to the head sometimes. That's what it's done to me. I must also add, in my case I waited too long. I wound up with gangrene. So, there you have it. I think I'm the worst case scenario.

    best foods to eat and avoid when you have pancritis and gallstones?
    It is for an 80 year old woman

    • ANSWER:
      no alcohol, low-fat/no fat, keep it bland, easy on the caffiene.

      before my gallbladder was removed I ate a lot of chicken, turkey and fish.

    gallstones what foods help easy pain.?

    • ANSWER:
      Hello, I am NOT a doctor, but I have had gallstones (very painful). I had my gallbladder out, and have been fine since.

      Cut out practically all fats. I did that, and made sure I didn't have:

      butter, margarine, any oils at all
      pastry, pies, quiche, etc
      anything fried
      breadcrumbs or batter on any foods
      bacon, sausages, burgers
      cakes, biscuits, puddings, desserts
      fatty meats - mince, pork, lamb

      I looked at the labelling on all packaged foods, and only had items which had 3% TOTAL fat, or less. Even some breakfast cereals have fat in.

    What's the difference between IBS symptoms and gallstone problems?
    I've been diagnose with gallstone problems and my doctor sent me to a specialist. The specialist barely let me finish talking once he has seen how much I weigh and that I have fibromyalgia. He says that I have IBS not gallstone problems. I need help understanding this, how the symptoms add up.

    Strong sudden pain under the right ribcage that sometimes spread to the left side.
    Lasts up to 4 hours then it fades, but it has happened that a dull, nagging pain had lingered on for days until the next emergency.
    The pain goes in waves and there is time to "rest" and take a breath now and then.
    It often it happens after eating and often I wake up in the middle of the night from the pain. (Mostly after eating a heavy meal late in the evening.)
    Sweating and shaking.
    Cramps that often causes me to vomit.
    Sometimes diarrhoea and sometimes I feel "bloated" during the worst of the pain attack but that's not often.

    An ultra sound showed that I have stones in the gallbladder.

    The reason why I was sent to the specialist was because of new symptoms:
    The pain spread from under the ribcage and up into my chest as well as up my back between my shoulder blades and it also shot out into my shoulders/upper arms. It was similar to how I imagine a weak heart attack could feel.
    Fever for over a week.
    White (or close to white) stools that was oily and floated. After a couple of days it was more like white porridge.
    My blood sugar started to raise during the night when I was sleeping.

    I feared that my pancreas was being affected.

    All symptoms stopped 2 weeks before I got to see the specialist.

    I'm female, over 40, have diabetes and fibromyalgia, have lost weight but is still over weight, have a family history of gallstone problems and I take cholesterol-lowering drug. I don't eat many of the "danger foods" for gallstone problems but I have eaten eggs a few times without anything happening, just as I have eaten eggs and then been in pain hours after that.

    All this, is according to the specialist signs of me having IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome), that and the fact that I'm the mother of a 20 year old and a 17 year old. Women who have given birth don't get problems from gallstones he says, they have stones but they don't cause problems. My problem is therefore IBS.

    I'm a classic example according to him and I just don't see it.

    What am I missing?

    • ANSWER:
      You might be missing a decent diagnostician. Women who give birth don't get problems of this sort? Please! Check with another doc and get to the bottom of the symptoms. You may have several components to this and you need to get sorted out.

    What kinds of food can be eaten when you have gallstones?
    My wife has gallstones and has been warned by her doctor not to eat foods with oil, or even many veggies. What would be good for her to eat? Most of the things she wants to eat are on the list the doctor is forbidding because they can make her sick.

    • ANSWER:
      I had my gallbladder removed last september because of gallstones and sever pains from them. It was like hell, the pain I went through, with all the attacks and stuff.

      rule #1 DO NOT EAT PIZZA! it will make her very sick and cause extreme pain

      rule #2 don't let her eat anything greasy (like pizza, fries, burgers)

      rule #3 eat lots of green veggies!

      hope I helped =)

    I need a good list of foods I can't and can eat when having gallstones?

    • ANSWER:
      Cheese, whole milk, fatty foods, fried foods, too much red meat. Your doctor should give you a list.

    is there a list of of fatty foods to stay away from when you have gallstones?

    • ANSWER:

    Is this normal for a gallstone attack?
    I know this is bad but I have no kitchen do to remodeling so I ate one of those costco hamburgers for breakfast. They are a little fattening. I didn't get a gall stone attack. Then I ate lunch. I had three carne asada tacos and no gall stone attack. Then around eight at night I thought I'd have the 5 wonton shrimp soup which is not fatty at all and then went to bed. My stomach started hurting really bad. Can I get a gallstone attack from fatty foods I may have eaten 8 hours earlier? I had the initial excrusiating pain for three hours. Then after that, I had a really bloaded stomach and a really bad dull blunt pain not as bad as the sharp excruciating pain but enough to make me cry and keep me up the whole night. I couldn't lay down or put any pressure on my stomach because it hurt. Is that normal for a gallstone attack or is everyones gall stone attack different?

    • ANSWER:
      Well when I had Gallstone's that is how it started out it was mild with a little pain but enough to make me cry, Than I just thought it was minor heartburn so I started eating Tums and it still wouldn't go away, Than weeks went by and it got comepletly worse and horrible, I was throwing up so bad and my stomach hurt so horrible. Than I couldn't take it anymore and called a doctor found out I had Gallstones and had my Gallbladder removed. You can get an attack from foods you have eaten all the way up to 12 hours ago it's very possible. I would go see a doctor hun the more you wait the worse it can get.

    I want to know what are other good sources of calcium apart from milk.?
    My auntie is 47 years old and she's now starting to complain about the pain in her joints (knees). She thought it's arthritis so she tried drinking milk but it seems she is getting acidic. Also, she is being advised by her doctor to avoid eating fatty foods because of gallstone. Are there any other source of calcium which she can try without her getting acidic and which will not aggravate her gallstone problem?

    • ANSWER:
      Your aunt needs to see her doc again and tell him/her about this problem so that her needs can be properly diagnosed and addressed by a trained professional. Self diagnosis is never advisable in medical situations.

      If she does need calcium supplements, her doctor will prescribe some. She may also be advised to look at labels when buying juices and such as most are now calcium fortified.

    i would like to know what foods to avoid if i have gallstones?

    • ANSWER:
      I'd suggest you check and search for gallstones in the search box at thr top right of the screen. One of the sites that came up when I did this search said the following:
      "There is no known way to prevent gallstones. If you have gallstone symptoms, eating a low-fat diet and losing weight may help you control symptoms."

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